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Its almost that time…

Hey All,

Been a busy past couple of weeks. Was a facilitator at an English teacher training conference, followed up that with a field trip to a national park here with my Eco-Club (pictures are up). After that we had the last official meeting for all of the volunteers I came over here with. I will likely see most of them again before leaving, but we tried to celebrate like it was our last bang anyway. I also gave my basketball girls a copy of all of the photos I took of them as they have, for the most part, no access to facebook to view them.

Aside from all of that I am not really doing much. The 12th grade students at my school have an important national exam they have to take soon, and part of it they are required to write an essay. Well I set up a class to help them prepare to write an essay, and quickly it turned into a paragraph writing class. Thats ok though, the kids are fun and I handpicked them because they are the best English students.

The big news of this, for once, short update is I finally know when I will be coming home. Yes, an exact date. Peace Corps is booking my ticket and unless something drastic happens, I will be home sometime on the 13th of July. So after my birthday but guess what? We can still celebrate. If anyone has an requests for items they would like me to bring them back, now is the time to ask. If not, I will most likely try to limit the amount of stuff I bring back! but feel free to ask me. No elephants or tigers though. Love you all! Cant wait to see you!

– RY

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