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February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey Everyone!

It has been quite awhile since my last update and I apologize for that. I have been busy but not that busy, most of it has been because I am doing my best to take advantage of the opportunities to develop friendships with people I work and live with here in the time that I have left. Aside from that, yeah, I have been keeping busy.

February has been a crazy month for me. I am still working to complete my school project, and even that now has a deadline. The office staff from Peace Corps Washington came to visit me in my village (the regional office, so the people in charge of the program in my part of the world) and the Cambodia Country Director also came to visit that day. It was good and they were happy with the work I have been doing, which was nice to hear. Also my Country Director, Jon, suggested that he could invite the U.S. Ambassador to come down for the Grand Opening of my school project, and so far it looks like that is going to happen. The celebration is being held March 12th and its nice to have a deadline to complete all the work. On that same day, a relative of my family got married so I finally fully attended a wedding here, not just dropped by. I had fun and a lot of wildness occurred towards the end as we all tried to consume the remainder of the beer they had bought. However it was a good time.

Aside from the big school project, its also crunch time for my girls basketball team. I took them down the neighboring province, Kampot, for a scrimmage, and I promised them that if they won we would visit the beach afterwards. Well, they won 20-8 (an improvement over last years game, when they lost 2-1) and therefore we all went to the beach to celebrate. I took pictures of the event and it was a blast. They kept trying to drag the smallest girl, who I have given the nickname Tiny, further out into the ocean because she couldnt swim. Needless to say I wound up with her on my back shortly after that. Here are the pictures from that trip. Take a look.

Aside from that, I am just working hard to continue working. I am dreaming about surfing in Bali in less than two months, and cannot wait to be there. Also, that will mean I am that much closer to coming home and being with and seeing the people I miss and love! Hope everyone is well as usual!

– Ryan

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