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2011 Here I am!

Hey Everyone,

It feels good to be in year 2011 knowing that this is the year that I get to come home! That sounds crazy because I still have plenty of time here, but the holiday season was really tough to get through as I have said before, but I did get through it so now I am focusing on enjoying the time that I have left here and doing the work I want to or need to before I leave. It seems like my responsibilities or duties increase every day, I guess that’s what being an adult is and it’s overrated.

Construction has just started with Youth Art and Resource Center. However, I have been sick since January 2nd and have been in bed ever since. I have not been able to watch the work at all. I think I must have come down with either Giardia or some other sort of stomach virus. My doctor finally prescribed me medication and I believe that it should help, but I do feel better than I have been. It has taken me quite some time to get “Cambodia Sick”, or a sickness that is something more than a cold, so it was probably time anyway. All this time spent wasting away in bed really sliced through my DVD collection. I still have a good amount squirreled away, but I went through a lot of good stuff. Anyway, this has also been somewhat complicated by the fact that the Peace Corps D.C. office has yet to transfer the money that we raised into an account here, but I had them start working because otherwise it might have forced me to find other laborers who could have cost more. The money will come soon, I hope, so it was just better to start than to keep waiting.

For New Years I went into Phnom Penh to celebrate with other volunteers. The night before New Years Eve I went to the embassy for a small party and wound up meeting Congresswoman Laura Richardson, who represents a district in Long Beach. Long Beach actually has the second largest population of Cambodians in the world, second to the capital Phnom Penh. She was nice and we wound up talking basketball. I showed her pictures of my girls basketball team here and she told me how she wanted to organize a women’s game with the president. She also bought me a shot of Grey Goose. After that my Peace Corps friend who joined me at the Embassy all went out to hang with the embassy marines. That was interesting because their lives are clearly very different from ours. It was also nice to ride around town in an SUV with a driver, all provided by the embassy, an upgrade from the normal tuk-tuk’s I ride in (or I walk).

On the actual New Years Eve, I didn’t do much special, but it was just nice to be out and celebrating. New Years is one of those holidays that rarely lives up to expectations because they are sky high so it was nice to just have more relaxed idea of what the night could be. We wound up at the big casino in the capital at the dance club they have there and watched fireworks, which all seemed quite unsafe because they were going off right over our heads. It was one of those things that felt like it could go wrong quickly, but it didn’t so moving on. The night ended around 3am by grabbing late night hot dogs, which sounds weird but they are delicious. I came home on New Years day to celebrate the opening of Siphen’s new home. The house is absolutely beautiful.

Hopefully everyone’s holiday seasons were good and you were all with the people you wanted to be with. I am still a little sad that I missed my niece’s first set of holidays but I am planning on making it up to her after this. Take care people, feel free to email me to let me know how are you doing too!

– Ryan

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