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We Did It!

Hey Everyone!

So by the title, you might have surmised as to what I could be talking about but I will let this email I received tell the rest of the story:

Hi Ryan,

I am happy to say that your project has indeed been fully funded. We are currently processing the funds and they will be sent out to you in the next few days. Keep in touch with Carol Allbaugh about the receipt of these funds.

Good luck with the project and have a great day!



John Hrivnak

Program Specialist IAP/EMA, Office of Private Sector Initiatives

Peace Corps

As you can tell, we did it! We raised all of the money necessary for the project! I am astonished and happily surprised that we were able to do this all so quickly and I am sure my school is even more grateful to everyone who did contribute in one way or another. All I can really say is “wow” and thank you everyone.

Ok so from here where do we go? I think there are still people who would have liked to donate but no longer can to my project specifically. To that question I have a few different options. First off, the Peace Corps Cambodia program donated around $500 initially to the project, money that came from the Cambodia Country Fund. So if you or someone you know is still interested in donating, that is one path that is close to donating and still receiving the tax deduction. Funds donated to the Country fund would be applied towards future Peace Corps projects in Cambodia, so it’s still for a good cause and in a lot of ways, still supporting my project here.

The second option for people still interested in donating is to support the other Peace Corps Cambodia project currently in need of funds. I am quite close with the couple who are trying to raise funds for a University Preparation Program. Their names are Nate and Jen, and the past two Thanksgiving Days the couple has welcomed all of the volunteers in the southern portion of the country into their home to celebrate. They are also good people and been quite fun to have with my group of volunteers. Again, donations would be tax deductible.

The third option for people looking to donate is to write a donation check and have it sent to my mother, Wendy. This option is for people who aren’t necessarily looking for a tax deduction but want to specifically support me and my project in case there is a need for additional funds. I cannot request more money than I have already raised for the project. Also sometime soon, my counterpart is going to start a small school for poor local children at her house and I could indirectly apply those funds to her needs for that project. However, these choices are not tax deductible.

Next step for me is to open a bank account with my counterpart Siphen so that the money can be transferred and we can begin to do the work. I will also be notifying the school that they can start accumulating the materials that they need so that the project can be successful and the work can start. I will, of course, be taking photographs of the work being done as it progresses for everyone to keep a close watch on.

Thank you again everybody for your hard work and dedication, and towards seeing this vision with me and helping me get it done. Now is the fun part for me so thank you all! Miss y’all!

– Ryan

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