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Update and Donate time!

Hello Everybody,

First off I wanted to thank people who have donated to my project. With less than two weeks under our belt, we have been able to raise close to half of the amount necessary. I am pumped! With that said, I think it gets harder from here because donations need to come from outside of my closest circle of influence and contact.I guess what that means is I really need everyone’s help in talking about the project with friends and coworkers and urging them to donate. Small amounts go a long way, I promise.

So now I am motivated to give another “by the numbers” break down for how relative money can be in different parts of the world.

Peace Corps Monthly “Allowance” – $169
Bottle of Water (cold) – 12 cents
Can of Beer – 50 cents
Bike Repair (new tire, new tube, fixed rim, new chain, brake adjustment) – $7.50
Bowl of Noodles, fried – 75 cents
Bus ride to Phnom Penh – $2.50
Bunch of Bananas – 50 cents
One Night at a Guest House (fan) – $5
Baguette – 12 cents
Razor (Mach 3) – $8
Box of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese – $2.75

It is very possible to get by here on less than what I make, but that means missing out on things that make it all worthwhile and help keep us volunteers sane. Speaking of sanity, I still have a fair amount of time left here but will all of the projects, big and small, I want to get done it has been tough to keep in good shape about it and not let it all loom too much over my everyday life. I really don’t want to leave here and feel like I accomplished very little, so those thoughts tend to weigh heavy on my mind frequently these days.

My thanksgiving went down great again, but it was harder being away from family the second time around then the first. The novelty had really worn off. I have posted pictures of the holiday in my Peace Corps Album Two if you care to peruse.

I hope everyone is still doing well. As always I am thinking of everyone constantly. Please take a little extra time to spread the word about my project, and I have created a flyer for people to take to their workplaces for the breakroom area or wherever people gather, to help do so. Print it out and share a couple! I MISS EVERYONE!

PCV Ryan Young

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