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Please help! DONATE!

November 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey Everyone,

I am Ryan Young, a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Cambodia. You
are receiving this email because you are a family member, friend, or
friend of a friend or family member.

Over five months ago, my school administration and I began
planning a large project. They came up to me one day and asked me if
there was any way I could help them revive one of the buildings on
campus. Any way I could help them regain an asset they had lost. We
talked for a while longer and settled on the idea of mutual
fundraising. They would raise some of the funds and I would do my best
to raise the rest of the money to complete the project.

I wrote a proposal and submitted it to the Peace Corps Partnership
Program. This program allows Peace Corps Volunteers to raise funds for
projects in the countries that they are serving through donations from
friends and family members. The proposal has since been approved and
posted on the Peace Corps website.

I have developed an information website to help spread the word
about this project. On the website there are pictures, videos, and
additional information about the project and its implementation, and
also about Cambodia in general.

I am seeking your help through tax deductible donations. I do not
know any single person who can make this project happen, so the best
thing I can do is ask all of the people I know to help me spread the
word. Ideally, my friends and family ( i.e. you) will pass this
request on to your friends and family. Please forward this request to
all of the people you know, even if you suspect they might be unable
to donate. They can still be of help by forwarding this to others.

Please look at the websites related to this project:

Project Website

Donation Website

If you have ANY questions, please send them to me at:

I need everyone’s help because without you this cannot get done! Every
little bit will help! THANK YOU!

– Ryan

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New Pics – Check PC Album Two

November 7, 2010 Leave a comment


I added new pics to my Peace Corps Album Two. Over 80 new pictures from Halloween and the stuff with Hillary Clinton. Take a looksee. Bye All.

– Ryan

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Recent Events

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey All,

Been some time since I actually gave an update. Wanted to first give another congratulations to my niece Callie Ann and the proud parents Leslie and Danny. Its still a whiles away but I am looking forward to meeting her for the first time officially come next September.

Lets start off with the most recent and fascinating news. Got to meet/see Hillary Clinton yesterday while she has been passing through the nations of South East Asia. We (Peace Corps Volunteers) got invited to go meet her at the Embassy. She came in and out in a hurry, which was kind of nice actually, gave a speech where she mentioned us (the volunteers) and I got it on video and will be posting that up sometime in the next few days with some pics to go along with it. I was standing close-by after she finished giving a speech and went to shake peoples hands, and then decided to use my long arms to reach over everybody and get a handshake myself. It was cool, I’ll admit it.

Spent our Halloween down here on Rabbit Island, which is a mostly desolate island off the coast of Cambodia. Twenty-one other volunteers showed up and we partied hard. I dressed up like Padres Chris Young, thanks to my mom bringing me a jersey and a hat. Had a lot of fun but only stayed there one night, as there is literally nothing to do on the island. Shortly after headed to Phnom Penh to get my game face on for Hillary.

As for actually working, I have been doing a lot. The school year finally started, after one week of holidays and the another week of teacher testing, they actually held class. Instead of teaching this year I have decided to work more of as a consultant to teacher improvement. I am working to set up a literacy program where all of the English teachers have to bring their classes to the library to do instruction there using the books we have (which is an ample amount for a Cambodian library). That is the primary education related thing I have been doing. All other time is usually spent heckling my girls basketball team. I say heckling because they want to spend the majority of their time playing, and I am a big softy when it comes to them asking to do anything, so I just sit there and comment when they do either good or bad things. They are a lot of fun and it is by far my favorite activity that I do here. Just seeing them run around being the kids they are instead of shy little khmer girls is a great site to see.

Another note, I am still making mistakes in my life. It would be nice if I could stop doing that somehow, or at least cut down on the size of them, but it seems like I have a lot more to make and recently have been dealing with a really tough one. I always get told I am too hard on myself but when I make mistakes like this where I know there is no one to blame but myself, its hard not to be. I am doing my best, obviously, to look forward and learn from such mistake, but that is also a process as well. Maybe one day some of this wisdom I am allegedly accumulating will add up to something, who knows.

Take care everyone. As always, I love you and miss you all, think about home everyday without a doubt.

I will be posting pics and vids soon of these recent events. So keep an eye out and check the blog as well.

PCV Ryan Young

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