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One Year Done (Almost)

Hey All,

I just celebrated my 25th birthday a few days ago with my host family, they suprised me with a Durian cake. Second time this month I have eaten something with Durian. If you dont know what Durian is, I suggest you check this link. Anyway, I guess its all downhill from here on out. It was really nice of them to do that for me because a cake here costs a lot of money relatively. They also made fried noodles and cooked up a chicken for me. I have posted some photos of the event on facebook in this album. There are also pictures from my fourth of july at the embassy here, as well as the partying we all did afterwards. That was a good time, but unfortunately I cannot afford most of the stuff they had for sale there, even simple things like hot dogs and what not. But it was still fun, and it was my first time back on “american soil” in a year. So in honor of my one year anniversary here, I am going to make a list by the numbers to help represent the past year, so here it is:

– Times Sick: 2 (once from a bug lodging itself into my ear, another time from eating stale/opened M&Ms)
– Wallets Lost: 1
– Visits from Friends: 1 (Jason)
– Visits to Phnom Penh: 10+
– Visits to Beach: 3
– Younger Sisters in Host Family: 3
– Miles Riden on Bike: 3,000+
– Injuries Sustained from Bike: 0
– Times Ive eaten Durian Cake the past Month: 2 (both times with beers, bad idea)
– Current Weight: 202lbs
Books Read: 23
– Visits to Angkor Wat: 0
– Volunteers who have gone home already: 8

And thats all I can think of. In the next few days I am going to be quite busy. I am going up north to Siem Reap province to help a school out with like a fun day they are planning. And shortly after that I will be going to Phnom Penh to meet the new group of volunteers and help them get acclimated to their new surroundings which will be fun. However, because a new group is coming it means the old group is leaving, and what I have come to know as Cambodia will change some. Some for the better, and some for the worse. Either way, I still have a second year and I am hoping to get a lot more accomplished than I did during my first. I hope everyone is well and had excellent fourth of julys all around.

– Ryan

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