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Monday Chatter


Lets start this week off properly, with an update. I am just wrapping up a long weekend to the beach, again, because it just so happens that school finished for me earlier this week. What I mean by that is that there is testing for the rest of the month, and due to some discrepancies in testing etiquette here compared to what I am used to back home, it is best for both parties that I do not partake in such things. So a few of my friends here and I packed up for the beach and spent some time unwinding there, and “preparing” for the summer vacation fun ahead of us. I ran into a problem recently trying to ask the kids about their summer plans, because in my mind, thats when there is no school. Well, they go to school through the middle of summer here and instead dont go when its the heavy rainy season. Smart yeah, because otherwise they wouldn’t show because none of them want to get wet riding to school in their uniforms (white shirt, dark top) and it could also pose some potential cultural problems if that was also the case.

Anyway, I have since straightened out my translation problem and moved on to figuring out what I am going to do to keep busy over the summer, since I won’t be having any real required times to work. So far I plan on developing strategies for a few big projects (to be discussed at a different time) I want to do, and also will be coaching, teaching English to my basketball team, teaching English to my host family (if they are interested), and running a book club. A lot to keep my busy right? Well, I am sure I will need it, and I can always talk out adjustments as they are needed with my students, kids, players.

So back to where I am now. The beach was nice. I spent five days there, four nights and got it out of my system, for now. I had a little extra energy that I was unable to rid myself of at home, and the trip probably was able to cure my issues. Nothing major, just needed to socialize some like I am used to, and I feel much better now and I am ready to get back at it and get the ball rolling. I went to a Pitbull (U.S. hip hop artist) concert in the capital. That was fun. I also posted a few videos that I had been saving onto my facebook page. A few from my trip to Sumatra, and one from Khmer New Year mango eating contest I participated in. All good times.

Found out recently that my brother and his wife are having a baby girl, and they previously promised to name her after me. I felt like this was the most appropriate way to remind them of that. So congratulations to them and to myself because I am excited to be a funcle, even if I have to wait some time before meeting my niece. I hope everyone else is doing GREAT. I know I am. Ups and downs, but that happens to everyone everywhere. Later All.

– Ryan

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