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Why the heck am I still here?

Hey All,

Probably tricked you with that title didn’t I? I am doing very good here these days. I am as busy as I want to be, and sometimes more than I want to be, but a little work never killed anyone, at least not directly. I have been really out and about from where I live a lot, because there are things going on either socially or related to Peace Corps, and it means that I am out of my town where I am supposed to do all of my work. Ah, the life of a volunteer.

Anyway, even though I havent been there much recently, I figured I would treat you all to what my usual schedule is like in my hometown. Typically, I wake up around 630am every morning. My family cooks me breakfast, which on good days consists of a large bowl of rice, some lightly fried pork, eggs with onions, and some sort of fruit, usually bananas or apples which I add peanut butter too. I have been trying to eat hearty breakfasts and slow down as the days go, but recently I have been a little lazy to tell my host family what to cook for me. so more rice. after breakfast, i head to school, which is around 3km away. Depending on the day, I either teach for two to four hours in the morning, which is always dependant on whether or not my co-teachers show up, and its a common thing that they do not.

starting at eleven, its lunch time until two in the afternoon. The reason the lunch break is so long is because it gets ridiculously hot here during that time of the day, and no one wants to do anything then. Usually for lunch, my goal is just to have some sort of meal for under $1. that can be anything from a bowl of rice with some green beans and meat, to ramen, to a hamburger. lunch is the only meal I dont usually eat with my family.

Once two hits, I usually dont have class, but I head back to school anyway for the afternoon. I hang out at the school and just give the kids a chance to track me down, or I let them use the computer lab for a bit. All of that precedes my basketball practice, which is usually just an hour a day, from four to five. Two days a week for the girls, and two days a week for the boys. At this time, I am also using that time to have a special english class for the players, but I think next year I might just coach girls basketball. I can focus more on my time with them that way, and the chances of also being more successful are higher that way. After that, I either go home and start reading a little, or go to the local gas station with a/c and read there for a bit. Then dinner time is usually between 630pm and 700pm, and dinner is a wild card these days, I never know what I am going to get. After dinner, its always shower time, even though I take at least two to three of them a day, this one is the best because it means I can cool off before firing up a moving on to watching some sort of DVDs. Currently I am the middle of watching The Wire entire series from HBO. Usually its lights out for me after that.

So yeah, thats my typical daily schedule. I hope I didnt write too much of it up. Some times there is exercise time thrown in, and other variables. In some other news, I am single, again, deciding that I needed to move on and continue my journey here by myself. In a lot of ways, its the best thing for me in my life, and I just need to go to forward from here and take care of myself, especially because I dont know what I want to do with my life after this all, and I am not really looking to have to concern my decisions with more than one person, because I have a hard time with myself as it is. Alright, not sure that all made sense but I hope everyone is doing well as usual and hanging in there. I am probably going to get a list of things going that I would like out here sometime soon, and if my mom is willing, let her coordinate the sending of it all, or at least figure out how it could get done. Or none of the above.

Miss You ALL!,
– Ryan

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