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Deep Thoughts

March 14, 2010 Leave a comment

“I hope that someday we will be able to put away our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.” – Jack Handey

Sometime it is rough having a lot of expectations of myself in my life of myself and of others. Having to deal with the reality of those thoughts and how applicable or how unapplicable they can be when things in my life include more than just myselm is something that I struggle to deal with mentally at times. I try to hold myself to such a high standard, that when its time and other people let me down, it is hard for me to not blame myself for such shortcomings, because I really just expect the best out of people and typically they do not offer that to me. I am learning to deal with this thought process I developed at some point of my life, but often it is not so easy to just up and decide to change who I am or otherwise adapt to circumstances in different ways. I am learning that life is too short, like the rapper, and I have such a small amount of control of what even goes on in my own life that I am doing my best to release the control of those things and learning to just pick and choose my battles more carefully.

Overall, I am quite lucky to have the friends and family I do. Both here and back at home, I have been a lucky person to be surrounded by the individuals that have decided, or not decided, to be a part of my life.

– Ryan

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March Madness

March 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey All,

Just checking in for my whenever-I-feel-like-it update. Its possible that my next month will be done by a guest writer even, so that could lesson the load for me.

I have been very busy the last few weeks. Two weeks ago, we had a week-long Peace Corps conference. While it was good to see everyone and hang out with friends, the actual learning we were supposed to be doing didnt exactly live up to the hype. However, all of us were just happy to be together again and have it be paid for on Peace Corps dime. While we were in town, we learned about how fto get funding for possible project, or at least the ways we are allowed to receive funding, and that wasnt really very eciting. We also got an opportunity to visit a few places around town to do our own legwork for projects, and the time I spent doing that was uneventful to say the least.

The week after was quite hectic for me. I get back and I have begun to have some work-related issues with my co-teachers, and I just was not in the mood to re-start working with them a week after being away. So that was day one. I also found out that the provincial basketball tournament was going to begin the next day, Tuesday, and I was at least a little excited to see how both of my teams would play in a real competitive environment. My boys played first and wound up losing, mostly because the referees are unable to call anything that moves as fast as the boys do, and I say this because they were much more effective for the girls game. The boys lost in overtime though and it was a heartbreaker. My best player got exhausted and hurt and they just started trying to injure him at some points to slow him down… and they succeeded unfortunately. My girls played right after and it was a decidedly different outcome. They dropped the hammer on the other team, winning 40-4. For those of you wondering, I did pull my starters for most of the second half. Two days later, Thursday, we had the championship game, and the girls would have to play the home team from the host town. The girls wound up winning in a hard fought game, where I made some lucky coaching decisions that turned the tide. And by that I mean my girls came through and played well and wound up winning. Now they get to go to the National Tournament in Svay Rieng. I am very happy for them, even if it means I have to buckle down and really coach them smartly in the next weeks.

Aside from both of those events, I have also been trying to plan an event for International Womens Day, which is tomorrow, March 8th. All of the volunteers are bringing selected girls from our schools into our provincial town so that they can do a variety of activities together. The day will include a panel of distinguished women, and career/education fair later in the day. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes well and things work out, because I have invested a decent amount of time putting it all together.

Hope everyone is well, as usual, and I am still doing well out here, believe it or not. Take care everybody.

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