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Doin’ work.. if a vacation counts

Hey Everyone,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write. In case you have forgotten, I do still live in Cambodia, I am still a Peace Corps Volunteer, and I am on Month #7 in this country. I am recently coming back from a vacation to the beach town of Sihanoukville, which was good and great, to get away and relax after working for that amount of time and good because I could rest for more than a day before having to travel back to my post here. Anyway, sorry for the time between updates, but I am busy and trying to focus on what is going on here, plus my internet was down for a decent amount of time, all in all, it means less updates. This is a trend that may or may not continue, depending on how bored I get.

Everything here is still good and fun. My basketball teams won the district tournament, because no other teams showed up. We were the only team from my school to win, even if it was by default, so that is good and something to be proud of, sort of. I need to continue to push the boys though, because they are capable of being quite good, and the girls are willing but still a bit young to really get the hang of everything.

Time here is a funny thing. Sometimes it moves incredibly fast, and other times it can feel like one glob and there are no real days or nights, just different periods. I also feel like there are really only two periods of times for me as it relates to work as well. I feel like im either sick all the time and dont go to work or when I am close to healthy, I go to work and feel like I am playing catch up. We are getting close to the time of the year that things really slow down in the classroom so maybe I will be able to feel like I get over the hump at some point, but I guess I am not really counting on that.

On to the Chargers. If anyone was wondering, their loss to the Jets was quite bittersweet for me. Of course I always want them to succeed and win, but this was a little different seeing as how I could not really enjoy the victory in Cambodia so much. I was becoming quite worried that I might miss the possibility of the Chargers being in the Super Bowl, and since they only have one more shot to do so while I am gone, I am a little relieved at that thought. I wish they would not have choked, but maybe things will work out better later for me (and them). It does suck that I was unable to see any of their games, but I am planning on sending them a request for copies of the game films.

I have been enjoying trying to decide where I want to travel while I am here and in this area. There are a lot of places I would like to go, and while some of them may have to wait until I am done with my service, its still nice to be able to think about such things while I am here. It keeps my mind busy. Some ideas I am kicking around are India and Russia, in no particular order or plan, but it would be great to do them both on different occasions. What can I say, I am basically a neighbor to them so why not?

I hope everyone is doing well and holding down the fort for me while I am gone. I am in the process of uploading some real tonnage of pictures right now, so I hope you enjoy those too, try to figure out what my new hobby to photograph is! The link is right here and here. Stay safe everyone, because you know I am!

– Ryan

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