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Haiti Connection

Hey Everyone,

I am further away from this than probably everyone, but it really has hit me here as well. Maybe a month ago now, I had the lucky opportunity to meet some former VSA (Volunteer Service Abroad) from New Zealand who worked here in Cambodia back in 1996 or so, for about four years. In those times, they worked extensively with one of my closest allies here, Siphen, and they come back to visit for two or three months at time, bringing various tour groups with them to her home.

When I met them, I was having a rough time readjusting to things at my host site, some personal issues came up, and they really went out of their way to make me feel like someone cared about me, which obviously I know anyway with the family I have, but the physical presence at the time really made a difference for me as I am living in a country that cant always relate to my experiences.

Where this all connects is this article. The name of the couple I know is Roger and Jennie. Please keep them in your thoughts. I know I continue to do so.

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