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Trials and Tribulations

Well, as usual, my life has taken another twist and turn. My plans to get through this Peace Corps experience with a significant other have been wiped out, and now I must adapt my life yet again. Its tough to lose someone who was a big part of your life and a big part of your future plans, and I am hurting right now, but in reality I am not so overly stubborn about the truth of the matter and that is that its for the best that I move on and she move on with her life as well. Our modern culture in America does not really understand or allow people to have long distance relationships anymore, they are more often than not a thing of the past. There are times that I feel like my ideals about relationships are trapped in the past as well, and I have refused to update them in response to the ongoing change in our culture.

So I have yet another challenge ahead of me. At this exact moment, I am not all that stoked or really ready to handle it, but as the saying goes, time heals all wounds, this was just one of those times were I was hoping I wouldnt find out about it. I need to believe in myself and that is a large reason why I choose to come here, to believe in myself so much that I could get through this successfully. Alright peoples, I will holler at you later.

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