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Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well. I am on my way to Kampot, the province to the south of my own. The volunteers from my own province and myself are heading down there to do some Peace Corps mandated language training. I believe they are also giving us this opportunity because they know it is our first real holiday here and away from home, and it is best for us to be with our peers, or at least some friendly foreigners.

I am having a Thanksgiving meal at the house of a married couple who live close to the town of Kampot, just outside of it in Kampong Trach. They have invited us all down there, and asked that we BYOB. It is very nice of them to be welcoming like that and open their home us to the crowd that is going to show up. I think I sorely need this vacation. Most of the other volunteers have had some opportunity to go somewhere new here, while myself and the other volunteers in Takeo province have not been so lucky, as we are in the Training site and really everything we do has little to no novelty involved with it.

Again, I hope everyone has a good turkey day, and I will be thinking of all of you. Matt, I love you cuzzo, keep your head up.

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