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Still Here, Yes Believe It

Hey All,

I am doing well here. The past two weeks have been quite hectic for me. I had my site visit, which means my boss from the Peace Corps office came down and had a look see at what I am doing to keep busy. For the most part, my life goes on here unchecked and doing my job is really entirely in my hands, so obviously that is a good and bad thing because I dont have anyone to really push me, aside from myself. So a lot of self-motivation is going on. My site visit went well though. Where I am, I dont have the problems that many other people do. Some people have issues with school administration not being fully supportive or cooperative of what a Peace Corps Volunteer is here to do, a problem I dont have. In fact, I almost have the opposite issue, too much support. I have two basketball teams, one boys and one girls, and I have so many interested in playing that I am going to have to make cuts, and the school has told me that they will provide uniforms and shoes for the players I deem qualified to play for the school. So yeah, I would think thats self-explanatory.

Additionally, the economical downturn has hit even Cambodia. Many volunteers have families that want more money for having a volunteer in their home, typically manifesting itself by the families asking the volunteers for money, making an awkward situation because in reality its not up to us. Again, not a problem I have. My family has never spoken of money and I dont forsee any issues coming, but also I will never know.

I had my teams scrimmage each other yesterday. It was interesting to see. I know I still have a lot of work to do, is one way to put it. Its hard to really explain the precise rules of the game to the kids, because my grasp on the language is not what one could call fluent. They were running around not exactly dribbling, and more bobbing and weaving with the ball to protect it. The good news is that they are making progress, even if its not as much as I would like it was still good to see them excited about being out there.

In some different news, I have started a blog and added some new pictures to my collection. The blog is here and as always the pictures are here. Feel free to share my blogsite with anyone you would like. It is an important part of Peace Corps to share the experience I am having here, in order for people to get a better understanding. Also, I backlogged all of the emails I have sent out on that same website, so anyone can catch up with me if they want. Hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you again soon. Adios.


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