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School has Started

October 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Just wanted to say Hi and catch everyone up with what I have been doing on in my life after I finished training. Over the past two weeks, I have moved in with my permanent host family, at least for the future here in Cambodia. I bought myself a wardrobe so I can have something to motivate me to stay organized, and it also has a safe so that I can keep what valuables I have (like money) locked away. I also bought myself a fan, because even though its “winter” here, I still get hot at night. Which makes me worry about what summer will be like, but I will try to enjoy the cool weather while I have it. My room is a significant upgrade over my training host family’s. I have an electrical outlet, and a bed, and a little bedside table like thing. All of it is very useful and makes me a lot more comfortable, than say, sleeping on the ground, like I had been.

So the first two weeks “working” at school have been very interesting. I have mostly set up my work schedule, and I will be teaching in the mornings, and have either office hours or computer room time, followed up by one hour of basketball everyday. So I will be at school a total of 30 hours a week or so, and I also ride over a kilometer to and from school on my bike. So you might be asking yourself, computer room? in Cambodia? yes, its true. One of the teachers I work with has formed several beneficial relationships with some of the other countries that send volunteers here, and has been able to pry both internet and desktops/laptops for student and teacher use from the French. So to say I am lucky to have that would be an understatement. However, that also means I get the wonderful responsibility of teaching the students and teachers how to use such things. Lucky me indeed! I have three different co-teachers, two of whom missed one class entirely on the first week of school. So that gets me excited to work with them in the future (sarcasm). They both speak English fairly well, however, that was not a good first impression to make on me. Anyway, I can always change my schedule to not work with them in future, if those work relationships are just not working out.

Time is moving by a little bit faster for me now that I am out of training and doing my own thing. I have a lot of resources at my site and I am constantly thinking of new things I can try to do to help develop my community and my school. I hope everyone is doing well. Take care of yourselves!


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