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Sworn In Son…

So yesterday was the big swear-in date. Before that, I was technically only a Trainee, and now I am an actual Peace Corps Volunteer. They gave us all an extra day in the capitol to get ready to be on “lockdown”, which is three months of no travel and we are stuck at our site. I dont really think it will be all that bad, but there are a lot of people here who are in much worse situations than me and its going to be hell for them. I added even more pictures from our swear-in ceremony than what I did the day the other day, so take a gander, and let me know if any of you cant access the pictures. The link is on your right.

Over the past week, I passed the language profiency test, at the unremarkable level of Novice High. That was quite stressful, probably the most stressful I have been over any test in the past five years, but I made it. Some people tested a lot higher than that, but I am ok starting at the bottom and working my way up over the next two years. After that, all the people in my training village and myself managed to throw a party for our families and our language instructors. A married couple here with us was staying in the house of a wedding caterer, so we finagled using their house and all of the chairs and tables to get things set up and we made banana pancakes, bruschetta, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with banana, and i lead a team that made carnitas tacos, with handmade flour tortillas, and two kinds of salsa. I must say, working with meat that is that fresh, and still actually quite gross, was rough. I had to cut the pig skin off the meat when I was preparing the food, dont try that at home. Anyway, it all went well, and the past few days have been a little anti-climatic, I am really just ready to move on and start doing my actual job of teaching english and coaching basketball here, I will do my celebrating when the two years is over with. Hope everyone is well and taking good care of themselves. Adios.


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