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End of Week 8, Almost Done

So I have one week left of training here. The past week was a bit rough on all of us, as we are in the stretch run of all of this and I know I am quite worn out. Over the past week, over half of my training village was taken on a tour of the country visiting numerous health centers and what the NGOs are doing around here to help this poor country develop. To say I am a bit jealous would be something of an understatement, but really the whole thing has been a learning experience for me as well because I think I am also better prepared to deal with adversity in my future. The past week was spent mostly studying the language for four hours a day, which also lead to me being braindead with the amount of language I feel like I am forever processing. We have a Language Profiency Interview before we can swear in next week, and if we do not pass, we are not allowed to swear in. With the amount we learn, its not really too hard to pass, but its still somewhat of a grind because of everything that is thrown at us daily. This upcoming weekend is a holiday here, and I am expecting my training host family residence to get quite crazy because the tradition here is that on holidays, the families meet at the parents house.. and my family has a total of 8 kids.. and they all mostly have their own families.. so, might be stressful but its a good cultural experience for me to say the least.

There is so much going on all the time during our training, I am looking forward to it being over and getting the reins back to my life for the rest of my time here. Its pretty crazy having a job that is really 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My sleeping set up is reminiscent of what most would have in a tent. I woke up in the middle of last night to hear the rat thing that I have been telling myself doesnt exist fiddling around in the corner, and I proceeded to reach out of my mosquito net and throw a paper notebook I dont use at it. It settled down and didnt make as much noise after that, which was a relief because I have been telling myself that it doesnt exist since I heard it for the first time, and its not fun knowing that its there because I sleep on the floor. I think it may have rubbed or bumped into my foot one night before as well. Anyway, thats just what I deal with when I go to sleep every night. Hope everyone is well, and I am still expecting you all to send me books so that I have some assistance getting through some of the boredom that lies ahead of me. Take Care Everybody.


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