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Return from Site Visit

Just wanted to fill people in on how things are going here in Cambodia. It has been a long amount of time since my last update, and there is a reason for that. I found out where my permanent site here in Cambodia will be, Tramkak, which is in Takeo Province and it also a training town, however not my own. I am staying with a family that has an assortment of kids, on a compound with four houses. I am very excited because it means an upgrade in more than a few ways, one my family seems to be a bit more entertaining than the last, and there are younger kids for me to work on my language with, which is exciting for me. Funny update as well, I told everyone how to pronounce the language name wrong when I was leaving, Khmer is actually pronounced more like k’mai. so sorry for the misunderstanding. anyway, my new family just opened up a shop that sells hamburgers, ice cream, and has internet, so im excited to help out with the family business. Overall it was a good experience and it got me fairly excited to get after it out there. My co-teacher is kind of a weirdo, or so ive heard, so i have been a little skeptical about the curious way he has been acting towards me. By weirdo, some of the other trainees had him as a practice teaching co-teacher, and they warned me about him, but other than that, i have had a fairly good time in his company, but im not sure what his intentions are for sure, anyway, i will figure that out more later.

At the end of the week, we were able to go see one of the Khmer Rouge tribunals that was going on here. It was very interesting and intense to say the least. The guy whose trial we saw is name Duch. He was responsible for the biggest prison where they interrogated and killed most of the people the regime felt would be opposed to them or smart enough to oppose them. Sitting there in the court room, looking at him, was probably the creepiest thing because he looks mostly just a normal person. The actual part of the case we were seeing what somewhat meaningless because they were only character witnesses for when he was in the country later on, hiding out and working as a teacher. Just knowing that he had a hand in killing thousands of people, and he was less than a hundred feet away from all of us, was immensely surreal.

Anyway, theres a little bit more than two weeks left of training and then we move on. Swear in is on Sept. 24, and we officially begin our service here as Volunteers. I tried to finally upload some photos, but now this fancy schmancy computer at our guest house for tonight denied my flash drive and apparently deleted some of it, so good times, life in cambodia always throws something at me. Hope eveyone is doing well and I will talk to you all soon. Please send me books if you think I would have any remote, and i repeat even remote interest in reading them, however I will most likely not be bringing them back with me, so also keep that in mind.


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