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Week Four – K Adventure

I am in Phnom Pehn today. Most of the rest of our group, around 44 of us, are out exploring the countryside. I was out there as well, Svay Rieng to be exact, for one night, but then all of the guest houses in the area were booked up due to an unexpected bank conference in town. To say that was surprising would be an understatement. That area of the country is known for… only being between Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Mihn City.

Anyway, for people who have asked me for pictures, you are going to have to wait a bit longer. The internet is quite slow here and for me to even send one picture its about 5 minutes in upload time, and thats time i dont have right now. On the way back a few interesting things happened. the public transit system here, is a collection of vans that they fill up past capacity, and haul ass down the national highways, probably quite dangerous. anyway, they usually have a driver and some sort of manager, and the manager of this particular one shoved himself the crowded van and stood up for around 40 minutes of the four hour ride. not a comfortable thought.

The trip to the site was a let down for the most part, but it did allow us to come back to the capitol to burn off some steam and spend a bunch of money, especially compared to what i spend to eat meals elsewhere. i hope everyone is doing well, because aside from missing home and some of the food, and a special certain someone (lauren), everything is going well here. we are kept very busy and learn an immense amount of language everyday. hopefully sometime in the near future, i will have enough free time to upload pictures of the area i am staying in, so stay tuned.


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