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Peace Corps Journey Begins

July 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Arrival in Cambodia:

For those of you who dont know, I am alive and well. I am in Takeo Province and it’s very nice here. Even though the weather is a bit toasty, its not that shabby. The group of people we have with us is awesome, but we get split up into two smaller groups tomorrow.

Unfortunately, my travel group got left behind on the way here,
getting stuck in bangkok, but that gave us an extra ten hours to
actually go explore the city for a bit. So we went and saw the grand palace there and the temple of the emerald buddha. i will try to upload pics as soon as possible but the internet is slow and we have to pay for it obviously.

you guys can call me, but remember its a 14 hour time difference from the west coast, so adjust accordingly and attempt to call me at night for me, we all are in bed by 8pm our time. the country code is 855 and you drop the zero when calling, which lauren figured out so everyone thank her.

We are just doing all kinds of learning and not really much else, sleeping in beds and learning how
to clean my ass with a hose instead of toilet paper. i also ate some tree ants today which were better than they sound and i would eat them if needed.

talk to you all soon and hope you are well. love you all and hope youre doing well.


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